Sunday, September 18, 2011

He is the truth

Inspiration: I was kinda agitated.

Distrust and agitation
fueled my love for you-
I was a misguided fool,
I wrongly confused
sexual tension
with sexual healin'-
Thought if I got a quick fix in
that I would no longer miss him
miss it -
Disguise this disgusted feelin'
I've trapped myself in-
I'm now swaddled by a distraught life
of disastrous strife-
My blatant insecurities
keep me from controlling
the darkness of my surroundings,
and because of that
I'm drowning-
The only life line that can save me
is denying the idea
and accepting the truth-
of what I've made my life to be
of what I've made you to be
of what a lie I've made us out to be
and swallow the undesirable fact
that you and I
are not meant to be

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