Sunday, September 4, 2011


Inspiration: Sitting outside under a tree on a 75 degree day
Word: Breathe

Breathe heavily
and accept thee.
Acknowledge the food
of your thoughts
and the strength in your walk.

Listen eagerly now
Take heed
in the beauty of things
enjoy the love in leaves
bring hope to these.

Float easily with the breeze
feel it, on the tip of your fingertips
on the top of your tongue
be strung-
out on the tantalizing feeling of forever
and the moment
for the moment has already begun
And in it, you have won
the ability to rehabilitate
and recreate
a new meaning for today-

For tomorrow
Don't settle in your old thoughts
don't meddle with your once fought
just love, live and remember to forgive.

Because not everything in life is worth havin'
but worth experiencin'

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