Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Prophet

Inspiration: The phrase "dine on the divine"
Word: Divine

Today I will dine on the divine
I will then sit and exude a presence
that will enlist you to taste my flavor

Absorb my aura and sense my greatness
because my likings are ever-pleasing

My fingertips bleed fervor
upon the lips of the unlettered
enlightening a parched yearn for understanding

I will equip thee's soul for the coming
I will converse with the heartbeat
allowing it to speak
and exchange with it rhythm for thinking thoughts
of an out of tune beat

I will replicate the drama
and form sights of the lost
to distil all misheard truths
and fight power with law

I will love man
I will become it, and seep
into its hollowed deeps
of where distraught souls dwell, and sleep

I will again pour my luster
in the deaths of the creeks
inspiring the death, the silenced, and the weary
to rise up and speak

I will be the power
as well those around me.

I will take notice of thy's speech
and absorb, as the practiced unlearned

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