Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stopping the Bleeding

Inspiration:Thinking about having to take your life into your own hands
Word: Care

If I sat here
and began to ramble,
how much would you listen?
How deeply would your ears pay attention-
would you care much?
Would you hurt much?..
If I hurt
if I began to cry
would your tears
lie aligned with mine?
As our cheeks soaked
in a melody of loveless hope.
(I didn't use soap that one time)
In thought that it might preserve
the rest of me from crumbling.
(Being destroyed)
Silly dying.
I forgot to tell you a lie
to confuse you,
I wanted my laugh to move you
make you stay with me...
Hoping I fooled you,
but the rest of it got the best of me.
You caught on to me.
Knew I was a fake,
knew I didn't know how to make my life quake.
You knew that I was too busy being dead.
Too busy being read- sorry songs,
of petty whispers
with hateful listeners.
See all I ever wanted,
was an agreement.
Something joint-
something shared-
something real-
But I've come to realize,
that my open eyes
scream of sorrow-
and that from today till' tomorrow
my life will bleed rapidly
until I heal it,
for me.

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