Thursday, September 15, 2011

My letter to Poetry

Inspiration: This young lady Jesse Told me I should right two happy poems for every unhappy poem I have, so I'm trying
Word: Poetry

Dear Poetry,
It's about time that we've spoken,
I mean we've been sorta vibin' with each other
for a while now
rhymin' with each other
for some time now.

Hey Poetry,
there's so much I have to say to you
so much I've already said through you
so much I've already gained from you.

Now Poetry,
please allow me now to,
smash the rhyme scheme-
and break it down for you.

See I was never in love
never sought for much,
because in you,
I had a forever knowing,
of a glorious unlimited playground.

With my head high-
and my chest wide,
You were just waiting for me to ponce
like a hungry school child
waiting to crunch through a fresh sheet of snow.

Never no wasn't ever responded to me
when I came to you.

Your omniscience gave me
a never ending reel of possibilities
to get lost in-
to create escapes in-
to forget about the hate in-
and to forget about other things
which I'll let remain nameless...
And just leave between me and you,

Because see you know we got that private conversation
the sort John and Marylyn were tangled in
but not faulty and nasty like the government one we're in

And poetry you would never lie to me, (couldn't)
I trusted you, so I let it all hang out with you
till it came to the point
where you understood and knew me
more than the makings of myself.

Your sweet words and proverbs
moved me, still do.

They took me on journeys
to the moon
so I could add in a twist of Thi
to cover up a half told lie
so we could forget about what happen-
(between certain thighs)
and the ones who died .

And Poetry,
how many times, have I cried to you
relied on you
survived through you.
Made things alright, because of you

And to this day,
I believe that you reside in me.
I mean there isn't any way that we couldn't be one
I mean you've sung my song louder than the haters did
and we know skinny bitches with malice wishes
can hate for days.

See Poetry,
I even joke with you
you taught me that
it anit gotta be the same sad ole' rhyme
all the time.

And finally Poetry
I give an enduring thanks to you.
A grateful praise to you.

Because of all the ways
you taught me to turn
industrial haze
of sorrowed eyes
and a scarred young life
into jewels like,
rubies and dimands
shinning now
after being heavily rusted over
by the will to survive
and the power to be made new
in you
for you are him
who see's us through.

Poetry I couldn't abate this world
without knowing you,
Your adverbs
and phrases
freed me.

And most importantly,
everything thing in me,
you allowed for,
saved me.

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