Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Be Aware

Inspiration: Noticing my surroundings.
Word: Aware.

I grow distinctly aware of my surroundings
when my insides begin to move,
to an uncomfortable beat.

I felt an undenying heat-
as I began to groove,
up the rhythm, and around my feet.

My body exuded deceit
sweet satisfactory-

Your body left craving-
the reminisce of my
unspoken ora.

I'm unfortunately tasty,
and you quiver
at the remarkableness
of my lustless desire for you.

I'm sorry,
I took no pride in you,
(no ride in you)
but I inspired you,
didn't I?

With my quick thighs
and the lowness of my eyes.

I was a beauty,
and you fell for it.
I was a dream,
and you lusted me.

So now I'm the contents of your mind
and you've forgotten how to tell time
when I'm not there.

But baby be aware,
that the insides of mine
don't think nor breathe
like that of your foolish

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