Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What the Water gave Her

Inspiration: So I was sitting in my bathtub thinking about Frida Kahlo's painting "What the Water Gave Her" check it out
Word: Fear

There was no fear here.
Just a bottomless watery grave-
stuffed with demons,
and lined with lies.

There was no fear here,
because the premiss of it has been erased,
and it's remains had been accepted.

A body sat swaddled-
being delivered only by the heavy wave
of water unsealing the sealed,
that lied between each crease.

Unleashing the death and disease-
that riddled the corpse.

As the water stood, the story unraveled.

Murky blue crust developed-
from the pulse of a disgusting heap of happenings-
That quickened with every breath,
rippling down to a crimson red bed-
where disaster was.
Where death loved...

Where all done was done
and where the past had erected-
into a translucent ghost
seeping from the eyelids of the seen
and becoming the being
that stood ungracefully still
in the water of an forlorn

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