Saturday, October 22, 2011

To be, or not to be, LIFTED

Inspiration:The idea of your mind jumping from one state to another

i. Hectic explosion of an interesting thought
dancing off toward an adventure-turned nightmare
forced back into a dream, see
this is reality-lifted

ii. I sometimes think of troubling thoughts,
nothing whimsical, sometimes imaginative-
I'm troubled-it shows-
I'm low in two senses of the word,
relatively and emotionally,
So I, Get

iii. Lifted
I'm off into an only here, tangible idea,
where you can't draw sense from things,
but I can
I can do anything-and most importantly
believe it,
when I'm-Lifted

iv. Soaring down-downwards
but for-real this time,
shining dully, lack of luster
Flustered, scrappy, no shine
No polish-
Put, some makeup on
Paint, your face on
Be pretty now
because, pretty girls
don't, get

v. LIFTED-dicted-not addicted
it's not that style
only leaves you smiles
no rims of bleach trails
or tracks of run down lines-vines
Just lifted, thinking maybe,
even sleeping-best you ever had
naw never sad up there- Just lifted

vi. Down now-
but still a quiet still
But necessary.
All manic thoughts
come to a monstrous halt
but I, we, you, me-one really
are no longer lifted
just chillin'
in our melancholy existence
trying to determine
whether or not
to be, or not to be,

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