Friday, October 21, 2011

Death Wish pt. 2

Inspiration: I was feelin purty good : )
Word: Effervescent.

I became Uplifted
foundling the thought
of my spirit being effervescent  
glowing-pouring heaps of light
too bright
for you to put your eyes one
Too hype- for one
to bite on

My spirit became illuminated
and soared through the night
equipping the sky with thunder
I- was thunder-stirred up wonder

See I, once said that
When I die
I want the world to wonder
but my slumber
doesn't have to develop
into a detaining creak
for the world to- see my name
be my name-know it, love it
be about it

Lust after your own dust
be more contagious then
you must. Get lifted.
Soar baby soar, get with it
maybe more

It's time, time
time that was my time-yours
now to stretch open your chest
be disgustingly your best
and let your radiant
your niche-shine
thats the only death wish
my heart does possess

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