Monday, October 17, 2011


Inspiration: That feeling you get when you feel like your past or demons catch up to you. I was inspired by a piece my friend Bri Painted.
Word: Broken.

My tear ducks swell
in remembrance of my
half forgotten memories
languishing in thought
but thriving in effect

Does your heart tremble like mine does?
Cus mine does, steadily

I just want to hide
behind brick walls and Tarot cards
to dim my reality
so lonely-I'm phony
lost sense of what I've done
or who I be

Couldn't see me
Can't you heal me?
Help me! Free Me!

Devote your ears to learn
of my demoted tongue
and of all the hurt it's sung
about to empty crowds and
withering massess-
truth is I can't talk to anyone
I can't find anyone
I don't see no one who knows me
who loves me
because I love so freely
eagerly pouring out my all
always suffering from a windfall
of nothingness of not even remorse
just a dry ringed out notion
that simply means that I'm the only one
wrong enough
to care about me

My broken
's so broken
I'm lost in the moment
trying to withhold the last of me
the last of the pieces that show a slight
resemblance to my soul,
but who knows
I'm lost, its lost ya know?

So now I lay brokenly
openly, down
for all to see,
because I'm too split-shattered
to gather the rest of these broken pieces
and try to rebuild me

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