Sunday, October 16, 2011

My invisible Cloak

Inspiration: Anxiety 
Word: Barren 

So I sat there barren 
too wrought to pull off my grief
covered in a prickled skin 
of devilish sentiment 

My heart was thunder
quaking a simmering beast
that had lost no sleep
I was in heat

I surrender all 
my all 
was tainted
dirty, wrong 
to dismantled to mistaken
for person
's reason 

I had reason
didn't I?
for bein' 

Bein' here.
Bein' Me. 
I thought I had given my everything

Thats a lie though
I truly tried though

I couldn't even do that for me
Scared me-
threatening me?
Questing me,
for who I be?

Unspoken truths
spread like semen 
secrets but no reason
worryin' about leavin 
this place
these demons

So it's time that all take note
that I desire nothing else
no rubies no gold
I will unletter the demons the ghost

Will no longer the midst defile my sleep
I will be like the non living among dead

I will rise up swinging a white towel over my head
and let it glaze over the brim of my back
as I retire to my invisible cloak 

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