Sunday, October 16, 2011

Parts of Living

Inspiration: One of those relationships your in that only benefits the other person
Word: Vile

The pivotal point in my acceptance for you
occurred when I sought respect
and you returned to me a distended
vile look, that expressed no appreciation
for my generosity

[Part One]
I was cool, as were you
but I sensed a competition within our energy
I felt tension with my familiarity, with my
uncontrollable love ability.

[Part Two]
I held back, I knew you couldn't handle-nor wanted to
my tendency to dwell in a sweetest exuding a realness 
that would overwhelm you. 
So I never let you in, but you did fully, (foolishly) 
You tried to pull me into your tide of futile 
foul play. Your head had gone astray,
but you were cool with it, 
you had to, you had no you, you didn't know you-
You left the you you had to be bad-
pierced up tatted up legs swinggin' bad-
Ass with no thunder, head with no wonder 
swaddled up in a arms with no luster. 

[Part Three]
You began to lean on me, need me-
and I accepted that
but rejected it really
I hadn't known love
you hadn't stability
so the result was an undesirable dream team
I couldn't derive at an ending
you wouldn't let go of the beginning-

[Part Four]
Then the day came
in which you asked for more of myself
that I was willing to give
Your idolization of yourself
had restricted me from living
because my being was backed into a corner
in which only God could see, but he kept me
truly from hurting you, like I wanted to do
Every bloodline in my body couldn't stand you
You had ran through, my spirt, and done away with it
you elasticated my heart, until it no long meant anything

Well I recreated me
and it had no you in it
I respelled my name
and ridded myself of shame
I took all of you and parted it up
so you would become to me
just as broken as you always looked

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