Sunday, January 23, 2011

The innocence of childhood

Inspiration: So I kinda want to write children books eventually, so I tried a poetic one?
Word: The Moon

Hey Mr. Moon 
Are u awake up there?
Can you come a little closer-
so I can whisper in ur ear
if I tell you my secret
will you show me yours?

Come on Mr. Moon im really bored.

Will you take me on a trip
acrros the big blue sky?

Oh please let me bath in your beautiful moonlight.

Hey Mr. Moon 
You see that house over there?
Look at those two kids fighting for that toy bear

You know Mr. Moon
what really isn't fair
You get to sleep way up high
while i'm here staring up into the sky

Oh can you please take me on a trip
to the highest of the high
where all the beaitiful humming birds fly

Can you take me to see my father
dressed in those beautiful white robes

Come on Mr. Moon
I'll make sure nobody else knows

Oh and one more thing, before mommy calls me to bed
Will u always be way up in the sky
with your beams shining bright
all through the night 

brodcasting to the world your beautiful moonlight?


  1. Pretty Nice nay.
    In your first stanza. The second line did you mean secrete, or secret? lol. And the last line in that stanza seemed kinda sexual to me lol.

  2. Oh I made this thing a stumble upon thing to try and get you more peps.