Sunday, January 16, 2011

Letter to a friend

Inspiration: So I really like Kathryn V. Brown Sn: this is more of a letter written lyrically than it is a poem
Word: Katie lol

Letter to my kickass funky dancer, exquisite musician, genius, yum in my tum cook of a best friend, 

Katie when you breathe the earth and everyone around you inhales
because you breath gives life to creation and passion 
when you smile my hurt becomes smaller because 
the spread of your lips from cheek to cheek exudes joy to all those around you
Katie when you ever gently place a bow against the strings of a viola 
angles began to weep, for the sounds you create are glorious 
You are a magnificent gift from God and all those around you 
are more than privileged to have a piece of your spirit 
When you dance hearts are overwhelmed with warmth 
because of your dedication, talent,  and fervor 
you inspire 
 without having to try very hard 
No matter what you do in life you will prosper 
Just allow Gods spirit to flow in your veins and then
let go and leave for him what you feel you can not do or bare
But know that he won't give you anything you can handle 

You are a gem Kathryn Brown, a brilliantly iridescent created individual.
I pray your soul flies like a hummingbird


Post for Jan 15th 

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