Monday, December 19, 2011

Aunt Sarah

Inspiration: Listening to Nina Simone's Four Girls
Word: Force

They called her Aunt Sarah.
She was the corner stone of black women
mimicked often, at other's faulty attempts to exude power
She was quick,
mostly with wit,
and lavished in respect
due to her uncanny will
to be nothing other than grace;
but not still grace,
or the kind that sat upright,
but graceful in the sense
that everything she did
had a fineness to it
She never walked with light feet,
but firm and apparent
She stood with bruises
that were sure to break her
but she was far from broken
Her face was etched with lines
that were more than stories
but experiences
She was strength
and epitomized what it meant
to take heed in her God given power
to be more than a woman
and more than black
but to be a force
shaken only by God himself
and they called her Aunt Sarah

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