Sunday, December 11, 2011


Inspiration: Thinking of At Last by Etta James
Word: Free

Effervescent deliverance
sprang from the crossing
where my thighs met

I was free
and like Etta
my love
had come along
but not in the shape of a man,
or a woman for that matter-

but see I was what mattered
knowing me, and
who I is
was the biggest deliverance
myself could give me

Now, in this moment
no soul could tempt me
into lovin' them, more than myself,
healin' them while neglectin' my health

I have come along
at last, at last
my life, is now a song
became it.
I will
sing a simple melody
led and chorused,
by me
love hangs, around my neck
and this sweet notion
gives me peace

The loneliness
had shown me bliss
I learned to take comfort in it,
the silence
it was almost simple minded it
but it's cleared away gray skies
and delivered highly present lines
of blue
a rich blue creating a haze
that felt good to be burnt by

To relieve, relive really,
the tantalizing touch of the glaze
I melt like cold ice in the Sahara
dripping happily into a puddle
of my own surrender
into the subtleness of tranquility

Through the terror of the beast,
I was able to find
an untouched beauty

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