Friday, December 2, 2011


Inspiration:Thinking about writing figuratively
Word: Pain

I wish I could write away the pain
have enough ink to illustrate-
the endless steep, 
of bare notions
unable to be explained
but something like nothingness,
and a tinge of lonely-
people who don't really know me 
Maybe a drop of fear?
and a couple of spot on tears. 

I wish I could tell it,
story book like
maybe a ghost
and a black night?
That gets all fixed in the end,
mamma tucks her sweetly in bed
and kisses he head.

Or perhaps with cartoons,
all moving rapidly 
too quick to notice shit
or the depths of regret
just fixin' all their mess
with a snap
and a few clicks-

If I clicked my heels
where would I go?
I have no home to know
nobody who knows
the roots 
of my soul

I tell it broken
harsh blunt 
no bullshit
no sprinkles of sugar
no bushes to erode it
I've been through hood shit 
sung my name in vain 
disgraced my fame
(I'm riddled with shame)
the only thing I paint
is the makings of my face
as I attempt to imitate 
a person with grace 

This is the beginning 
not the end though
shit gets real though
and fear has no window
so sit back 
park your cadillac  
couter vagina or scrotum
yea I said that
and listen 
not hear
fuck hearin'
just listen. 

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