Thursday, December 15, 2011

Self Love

Inspiration: Thinking of the character Janie in my favorite book
Word: Janie

Everyone thought Janie grinned for Teacake
but I think she grinned for herself
See I think she was willfully lost
in her constant love for herself,
the knowing of it never disappearing
although it was once stolen
(tried to be)
but just long enough
for her to know the worth in it

See I believe Janie grinned for Janie
because life took her lover
and she loved harder with bestowed wisdom
I believe Janie grinned for Janie
because she learned the beauty in gray waters
and dipped freely into bitter life
understanding the outbreak of newness
that would be tomorrow
I believe Janie loved for Janie
because she knew only her one love
and Gods love
could console tighter that the makings
of any outward connection

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