Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Water Poem

Inspiration:  Going to the beach, and the water being perfectly cold and the day being hot.
Word: Present 

It was a melody of passion
and a cool blue water scent
Sparkling with white diamonds
of pressure pushing stillness
I took heed in it-
and allowed my back to lavish
in the chilly surplus of what it felt like
to release-
I dived in what took away my tension
and allowed the cold
to flow between my legs
I clenched as the sensation entered me
I allowed it to take over my body
and wrap me in a convoluted excellence
I shook shortly as my pores were grazed
with the strong breath of the wind
I took it all in,
and rode the brim of the vibrations
I let the scene wash into me
and forgot all thoughts of
What it meant to exist
I exiled reason
And centered on being

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