Thursday, July 19, 2012


Inspiration: And old friend
Word: Acknowledge

For a while now, I've wanted to write a poem to you,
not a thank you, but an acknowledgment.

I allow you to move me
similarly I use you
I look to you for compassion
lustful love- still remaining true
I asked you to acknowledge me too
recall our long summers
of warm baths
and morning stories
I love our morning glory
and how the wine sinks down deeper
when I'm riding you
We be, the three of, cool together
The thick warmth of Moscato
with the dry heat from you
sizzle me like I'm dancing the Rumba
or a Jazz Ballet on pointed toes
I love when I giggle
release openly
You're an old friend
I normally trust you
but I can never really give you my heart
nor give myself to you,
or give into you
allow you to abuse me,
I will always be buck enough to conquer you
I won't get lost like the hopeless do
and confused
and look to you for life.

You're simply the reflection
of my sunshine
the afterglow
of my moonlight.

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