Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bittersweet Poetry

Inspiration: A friend of mine who is a beautiful writer wrote an essay that brought up some old memories.
Word: Bittersweet 

I feel like I have stains on my cheeks
from where tears lay faithfully
Where they dream swim and breathe-
I drank bittersweet wine
twisted into rhymes rained down on moleskins.
My pen goes in. 
I’m writing about you again.
I’m sittin’ at home without you again.
But you where never here though-
That was just a miss-recalled memory
Caused by you haunting me-
I want you to hurt me,
Cut me wide op-en deep-ah
Bittersweet poetry
It’s the most emerging emergency
I’ve lost my head for you
Been lost in you-
Sometimes I scream out openly
In public with folks around
Sometimes I bang at my head in my sleep
Sometimes, there is no sleep.
Sometimes, you are my sleep.
Sometime, we should sleep
Arm in arm, head
On one pillow.

This can no longer happen now
That thought was before I took you
Took your breath
Made you dead-
See If only
you were out of my head
If only
I could get you out of my head.
I couldn’t kill the thought
so I took my heart instead-

Now I stare like lady Macbeth
And wish away blood stained
That only wanted to be laced with your
So openly I have no regret.

And ultimately there can’t be a me
Without you
So willingly-
I take my life too.

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