Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beauty Queen

Inspiration: Thinking about self-made celebrities.
Word/phrase: Beauty Queen

It'd be tragic if a beauty queen got HIV
(The others less worrisome)
HIV will undoubtedly kill her.

Would her followers bring her
flowers, roses, comments of love
Would they write on her wall
with pictures of red kisses-

Would they like her still
favor her still?

What if the beauty queen
was kissed with solemn red lips
turing her pretty butterscotch legs

Dripping riled labors of lust
into the mouth of wanting patrons
would she still be the pretty
beauty queen...

or would her blackness turn her ugly
would her butterscotch become roily
a shot of overcast
dim, musty, and gray-

Would the beauty queen still wear her crown
or would her throne be brought down
by sour embraces of other dying arms-

Would her followers recast her
or band her with blocks

Would she no longer be lusted
Would her hair become brittle
her lashed burn off?
Would her eyes lose luster
and her lips become parched for polish-

Would she become- ordinary
or rather unacknowledged
Would she become present
but not seen
spoken of
but not heard?

It'd be tragic if a beauty queen
got HIV
the others are far less worrisome
HIV will undoubtedly kill her.

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