Monday, February 28, 2011

Do You Hear What I Hear

Inspiration: So Elijah is having a melt down and is about to try and kill himself, again a part of my one act play.
Word: Death

I am a rotten disaster
of what all perceive
as a destitute faulty version of a human being
I am cursed by the roots of which my blood streams from 
I love none 
I am hung from trees 
by those who shoot at me with disgust 
because my skins bleeds brown
in agony, and regret 
for what I have not yet done
I am a native son
but the natives do not see me
know me 
or embrace me 
I am left to suffer from the wrath 
of everyone
my spirit flies lower than the loveless 
there is no other mistake like me 
I render cages to be built in my name
I search for my beginnings to exchange them with yours 
so that you might understand that my lips
move to the meaning of a different word
I am like no other, am no other
I am Elijah 
the son of the ill-fated 
kin to the most heated 
Death sings to me 
and I hum back in bliss 
for it sings my song proudly 
and lovingly calls my name

1 comment:

  1. Wow i really like the ending.
    Is he alright?