Saturday, August 25, 2012

You Promised Me

Inspiration: In light of all the current foolery of the world.
Word: Promise

I feel lighter than money
cool, im sippin' it
                                         ----the cool say

I dreamed a dream of cool passion
and moon sent 
delivered in deliverance
I heal through membrance

"We couldn't see the stars
so we threw up our own" he said

Now we got our own
killin' our own- I read

Books explain why the crooks
be crooks
and why my people's smiles stay

We be hooked-in
the imagery of
the broke-in

that's that reality tv shit

fuckin' with our perception
got us thinkin' real is
a cold bed of
wanders tryin' to find a found dream

haunted on the backs of open legs
and hands throwin' up
callin' oneself supreme
uncommonly common is the new theme

Frank Ocean said it was a one man's cause
so he must not fuck with that one man's laws

And I be scorn again
be that angry black woman
because I can't become
the remedy, of a broken reality

that shit dead

What if I shot the sheriff
for all the misbled blood
and hung him high
enough to see

dead little girl's panties
danglin' on trees

and bodies being broke open
by aimless cylinders ablaze
led by lost thoughts
trailed by troubled haze

and mother's hearts falling
quicker than running teardrops
while their worries run faster
tryin' to make way

And who said Sodom and Gomorrah
was all that damn bad
I much rather live amongst free love
than the land of the dead

And aint that where we is
with all this self-denying finger pointing

We be sippin' on that maddening world-
What she say?

"I don't hear [shit] but maddening screams
and the soft strains of death..."

You promised me

a freedom
postto insure some blessing of liberty
said if I agree I'd be insured domestic tranquility
the best lie was the promotion of general welfare

because the lawless lawmakers
don't care

thus I've created a new promise
deviated from a blood country's platform norm

aint no need to confirm or follow
my promise aint ratified by the heartless or hollow
merely a claim for my stolen dignity

So, fuck a promise
I'll claim my own free

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