Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Stood Staring

Inspiration: A writing prompt I did with my poetry group. "Write about a time when you couldn't find the right words"
Word: Quietly

I looked at you.
quietly, still
impatiently, patient
staring, uneasily
around your eyes
not into them.
hused, and timid -
I wanted to pour my life into you
I wanted you to know me.

I stood-
feet weary
arms stiff
I watched your mind
wander through mine
you weren't into this
couldn't commit to it-
didn't feel it

I lost breath,
all of it
but you had my head,
I revolutionized a self in me
determined to say it, to tell you
I refrained
I wilted
respectfully away-
you might say it,
to me.

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